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We are often asked what animals we have in the garden. I think some expect lions and leopards, elephants and rhino, the big ones! But we have smaller ones, ones who prefer the cover of darkness to move around and it is fascinating: we have also seen elephant shrew, scrub hares, bush buck, duiker and unknown things that zoom past the camera only leaving a blur. So yes, in short, there is plenty around - there are even leopards but they are rarely seen. We have seen droppings though so we know they are around :)

Don't worry: you don't smell of dinner and they won't want to take risks, watch out for the very big (elephants, rhino, buffalo etc) or the very small (mosquitoes) - there are the dangerous ones!!

Find out what is in your back yard...

I have wanted to create a blog for a while - people kept on telling me what a wonderful idea it is... so now that the internet is particularly bad, I am giving it a go!

Now that I am about to launch myself into this, i am feeling slightly nervous - please don't judge us if this ends up being my one and only blog post :/

However, if on the offchance, this actually works, watch this space for news from Zomba Forest Lodge, the people and the hounds: Saxon and Loki above looking very regal.


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