We are offering 20% off - yes 20%!! Until the beginning of the Easter holidays! So come on over and enjoy the cool air, the amazing views, the super green hikes and of course some delicious food! Or you could come and do absolutely nothing, enjoy the hammock and the gardens, read a book, listen to the silence… although the birds can cause quite a racket sometimes :) And we will still feed you some delicious food because whether you have been hiking or doing nothing, relaxation is serious business and the food is just one part of it :) 

So we have shut the Iodge for 2 weeks.

Nope, we are not going away. We are certainly not doing anything exciting either (Tom might dispute that)!

We are perfecting the art of the working staycation, meaning that we will be working, or more specifically, we (meaning he) will be painting. I would much rather be doing something else, I would rather in fact be doing nothing but in fairness my job requires me to walk the dogs and feed the beast (Tom), interspersed with a bit of painting. Tom will be painting, painting and painting - he loves it!