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Like Friends in our Home...

Zomba Forest Lodge

Zomba Forest Lodge has 4 lovely en-suite bedrooms, and like everything else in the house, they are small but perfectly formed. Each one is simple but stylish and tastefully decorated.


We have 2 double rooms , 1 twin room and 1 that can be made into either a double or a twin so in total we can sleep 8 people. Anymore than that and it would feel a little crowded!


We have no electricity here but don’t worry, you won’t be sitting around in the dark; we have paraffin lamps, candles and a few solar lanterns as well so at night, it is wonderfully atmospheric. The evenings feel lovely and cosy especially, in the winter with the roaring log fire!

To add to the atmosphere, we have two adorable, playful dogs who absolutely love having people around, adults and children alike and would welcome an extra person (or 2, or 3) to play with!

If you choose to come and visit us, you will not leave empty-bellied!  We both love our food and we take it very seriously, our guests have come to expect some of the best food in Malawi and we aim to keep that up!



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