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Like Friends in our Home...

Zomba Forest Lodge


 With only 5 en-suite comfortable and tastefully decorated bedrooms, the lodge has the intimacy of a home away from home. Guests come together each evening for a candlelit three course dinner to share their stories, experiences, and laughter. As a bonus, the food is known to be some of the best in Malawi. 

We have 2 double rooms,1 twin room and 2 that can be made into either a double or a twin so in total we can sleep 10 people

The lodge is completely off-grid with no electricity in the lodge so at night, the lodge and the bedrooms are lit up with candles, paraffin lamps and solar lights providing discrete and atmospheric illumination.The evenings feel lovely and cosy especially, in the winter with the roaring log fire!


Free Wi-Fi is available upon request and our office solar system has sufficient spare capacity for charging guest devices if desired.


Being off-grid also allows our guests to enjoy a simpler, quieter and more peaceful way of life, an opportunity to connect with others on a deeper level, even if for only a couple of days; a real boost to their well-being and happiness.

To add to the atmosphere, we have three adorable, playful dogs who absolutely love having people around, adults and children alike and would welcome an extra person (or 2, or 3) to play with! Loki is the best and the eldest and now a bit deaf, followed by Beebs the adorable hand-me-down, and then Theia, who is currently still a puppy :)

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