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And Malawi is particularly spectacular.

I am not going to lie. I often get a tad blasé about how beautiful it is here. I guess when you live somwhere, you just get used to it. It is difficult to imagine that most people don't live somewhere where a couple of kms away, you can sit and breathe in the views, the air, the beauty.

But every now and then I am reminded and this morning was one of these mornings where i stopped to take it all in.

One of the lessons I am trying to master is to enjoy what we have, every day.

Today I did :)


As the dry season progresses, so does the risk of bush fires increase.

These fires threaten Malawi's already diminishing natural resources (forests, water and soils) as well as the health of its citizens.

Last year was a long and hard dry season with a longer dry period and hotter than normal temperatures. Fires raged across the country and the water in the Mulunguzi dam (Zomba's main source of water) hit a record low of over 2m below its previous lowest water line.

All these fires are preventable, ALL of them.

Most of these fires are fires set in the fields that burn out of control. These can be significantly reduced through teaching people more responsible methods of burning their fields and advising farmers to be present when the fires are lit so as to keep watch over them. And importantly, advising people not to burn on windy days.

Other fires are started by hunters, or illegal loggers. These are harder to control for obvious reasons, but not impossible.

We can all act: talk to our friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, staff; share knowledge and advice,, offer tools and resources if we have them.

We are going into July. If we act NOW and TOGETHER, we make a difference.

Let's not let this country burn... again!









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