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TREEZ: The Reforestation of the Ecosystem and Environment of Zomba, our conservation project.

TREEZ hopes to make a decisive difference for the communities of Namitembo. To provide and plant a source of sustainable charcoal, to show how to build fuel efficient stoves, to plant woodlots and fruit orchards, and most importantly to begin the rehabilitation and protection of a Water Catchment Conservation Corridor along the gorge of the Namitembo river valley and protect the source of their life-giving water. This is something we have been doing successfully over the years now in the communities closer to our lodge. Please visit our website for information on our environmental awareness projects and schools programme, our sports teams sponsorship for conservation scheme, our tree planting and seedling nurseries, our increasingly successful bushfire prevention efforts and more.

All of this has only been possible, and will only be possible because of you. You are our hope, our guests; the travellers, the tourists, who's trade keeps us going, who's business keeps us busy and drives our determination to succeed. The economics that allow our environmentalism and the foundation of all we achieve.

Make your travel matter.

In Malawi tourism and conservation are intrinsically linked, symbiotic; in order for us to conserve, protect, and rehabilitate our part of this beautiful and great green glorious earth, we need you to visit this part of our beautiful and great green glorious earth. So, look to the future for the sake of all futures, take and make a choice to make yourself make a difference. When the world re-emerges back into the light the Warm Heart of Africa awaits...

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The Namitembo Community rests at the very bottom of this gorge, where the escapement of the Zomba Plateau's western slope meets the lowlands of the Shire Valley, the ribbon of the Great Rift valley that cuts and winds its way south through Malawi. 70% of all the men in the Namitembo Communities have one and only one source of income: charcoal. The only source for their charcoal making is the very valley that provides the only source of all the water their very lives, and the lives of all their families and their whole community relies on. The poverty they are trapped within, the daily demands of survival, snares the community into an ever decreasing circle of environmental degradation that threatens and endangers their existence and the ecosystem they depend upon.

So, in many, many ways this scene could be seen as an example of our destruction of the biosphere and its biodiversity. Yet another example of the human species devastating all other species, be they plants or insects or birds or animals: the negative human impact on the Earth, the only home we have.


Where there is humanity let us always act humanely; within our own humanity let us always have hope. Small actions, your actions, can help us all to make a change.

We founded our TREEZ conservation project as our attempt to make a difference where we are, how we can, with what we can, for who we can, for the ecosystem on which we and our communities depend.

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