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Run4Reforestation 2023 - Saturday 9th September 2023

We are looking for help to fund the Run4Reforestation 2023 :)

If you know of, or have any ideas about who could help us sponsor the event, please do get in touch!

The Run4Reforestation is a sporting event aimed at raising funds for TREEZ, our small conservation project, working on the south western slopes of Zomba Plateau.

We have been holding this event annually since 2018. Here is the link for the promotional videos made from the 2019 and 2022 events (the 2020 and 2021 were held virtually)

The aim of TREEZ is to both preserve and protect forests, woodlands and water catchments, but increasingly, to help build resilience in the local communities and teach them more sustainable uses of the natural resources available while creating income through the provision of environmental services.

For the past few years, we have been sponsoring both football and netball teams, and various community conservation groups to help protect, reforest and preserve the south western slopes of Zomba Plateau. In exchange for an annual sponsorship amount, the groups are responsible for the protection of their designated areas. As well as this, TREEZ pays for community members from these groups to patrol throughout the fire season. This has reduced the number of fires on our side from 37 to 1, and the forest cover on this side of the Plateau is noticeably more abundant. In fact, community members were quick to say that it was thanks to the tree cover on the Plateau that their communities were protected from landslides in the aftermath of cyclone Freddy. Fore more information on what TREEZ does, please visit

The Run4Reforestation budget totals around $13,500 and we do not expect anyone to be able cover the whole budget, but we would be grateful for any help possible to help raise funds and awareness to the cause.

Thank you all for any help anyone could provide :)


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