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Please may we blow our own trumpet?

Here are some lovely words that left us speechlessly happy, written on our Trip Advisor page:

"Our stay at Zomba Forest Lodge was absolutely amazing. A peaceful retreat up in the mountains, where you can't help but unwind and feel relaxed. The grounds surrounding the lodge are honestly breathtakingly beautiful and it was well worth the drive up the steep mountain. Upon arrival Tom and Petal greeted us with cocktails, made with home-made gin which were the most delicious we've had whilst in Malawi. We loved that everybody eats dinner together and that you get to meet a variety of amazing guests throughout your stay. The food was absolutely sensational and the chefs are very attentive to your needs. It was my birthday on the day of arrival and I had a truly unforgettable experience, you feel as though your worries immediately leave you at the door and you're able to find an inner state of peace. Tom and Petal are great conversationalists, very interesting people and they treat you as though you are your family! We'd also like to thank them both for all of their help with arranging our trip, outside of our stay with them and the countless amount of questions I asked Petal prior to travelling. You can really tell that they care and that they want you to have the best experience possible in the country that they love so much. They both went above and beyond to help us in anyway possible and I believe a trip to Malawi isn't complete without a stay at Zomba Forest Lodge - we were absolutely devastated to have to leave!! Thank you again Tom and Petal for such an unforgettable experience. Tash and Isamaya X"


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