Look! It is just sooooo beautiful!

And we so often forget it. We take it for granted. We walk the trails, we admire the views but there is always so much more that goes unnoticed: the bugs, the tiny flowers, the orchids who creep out once a year for a few days and then disappear for another year. The butterflies who come out and dance in the rain. The rivers that swell, the waterfalls gushing - we forget all this happens until we witness the magic again. The sun shines on the rift valley, it casts it light as far as the eye can see, throwing shadows in the many dimples of this land: nothing less than spectacular.

Belated tree planting in 2018

So 2018 has been a great year for planting - we got the rain.... eventually! Yes the planting started late as the rains continuously spurned us during January. We watched the rain soak the country around us while Zomba stayed dry but rain it did, we just had to be patient :) And we had a lot of trees. Some of the trees we got privately and some of the them (a lot of them) were from One Acre Fund via FRIM and all thanks to some generous guests, Friends of Malawi Association and the Responsible Safari Company to name but a few. The Malacamu Village ladies and the Nankhunda choir did a lot of the planting as did the 2 football teams whom TREEZ sponsors: the Happy Hammers and Berries FC. Jonas B

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