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Tree stories are free stories...

Tree stories are free stories, tales told by every twist and turn of nature's magnificent growth. Every tree holds a narrative of the years within in roots, its rings, its trunk, and its branches; the history of the world wrapped and entrapped within a single awe inspiring organism. When we stand before the arboreal we stand before ourselves and all that has happened to bring us here, to where we now are.

Tree stories are free stories, tales to tell us and show us how we could and should be: rooted in, and nurtured by, this beautiful blue and glorious great green Earth.

Thank you @mindful_walks for your "favourite tree" post that inspired this one. These incredible specimens are my favourites for the now. Petal and I nickname them the "Three Wise Men", and wisdom is something the world sorely needs in these difficult times. They are a type of fig tree, Ficus Capreifolia, or in the local Chichewa tongue "Kachere"


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