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The TREEZ conservation teams are at work again :)

TREEZ sponsors football and netball teams to help with conservation efforts including the creation of firebreaks, firefighting when necessary, tree planting, patrolling, seedling maintenance and communtiy sensitisation.

The dry season is a busy and stressful period, increasingly so the longer it goes on, and the teams are vital to keeping the fires at bay.

TREEZ is mainly able to carry out this work, sponsor these teams, thanks to the funding raised through the @run4reforestation. A big, HUGE thank you to all those who fund raised for us last year 🙏

And watch this space 🤓

The run will happen, but virtually ... again :)

If you would like to help, you can contribute to TREEZ through:

First Capital Bank, Zomba TREEZ Ltd,

acc no 0007704001018




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