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Sports for a purpose :)

A few years ago, we started sponsoring the Happy Hammers, a local football team, in exchange for assistance with firefighting and general help with environmental education and tree planting.

We then added the Berries FC.

And then we added each teams' respective netball teams.

In case you are wondering: for every football team in Malawi, there is a netball team.

Most of you who have visited Malawi, would know that the women do most of the work, in all areas of life; whether it be in the home, with the children, or in the fields. The women are responsible for making things happen. They are the movers and the shakers, but they are the unsung heroins.

Everything they do is expected of them, that is Malawian life.

So, we figured that we should get the women involved and, as expected, they do most of the work on behalf of their male team mates.

And as we got the women involved, I decided to help them further and try to obtain sports bras for them as these are very hard to find here.

And the response to my quest has been overwhelming: Thanks to Caroline Finch and her family, and to Jean Hake, we are able to provide more teams with bras than initially expected :)

 And now we have just taken on Kasonga, a football and netball team from the other side of the Plateau, who we hope are going to help in mitigating the number of fires in the next dry season.


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