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Corona Virus

The world situation is not great, in fact it is pretty poor - but for those who are still here, we want to say that we are still here, we are still open (who knows for how long).

For those of you who need to get out, who need to breathe, who want to come and walk Saxon and Loki and not think about the outside world for a short while, come up, or go to the Plateau and employ one of the Tour Guides who desperately need the cash right now. They have been briefed about how to follow the guidelines too :)

We dont' mean to be callous but life must go on for those of us who can so we are trying our best to keep up morale and to keep smiling.

We are being careful and following all the appropriate procedures abut we know that sanitizer is in very short supply so below are some guidelines on how to make you own :)

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