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And what have we been up to since the run?

Well we have been really busy with guests, so not much really.... BUT....

Tom has put up the lightning conductor: HOURAYYYYYYY! I can't tell you how relieved I am that it is in place :)

We have had our 25 year concession renewed so we can finally make plans and start building a house: Now this should be shocking news for those of you who have known us a while. Ever since we met you we have been talking about building a small house (behind the current lodge), so we have been going on about this for years! Finally, the lease has been renewed.

To be fair, it was renewed in July, but we were so wrapped up in Run stuff that we couldn't concentrate on anything else, and yes, the R4R was so consuming that even such a momentous event had to be put on the back burner.

So far, towards the building of the house, we have levelled the area, moved several tonnes of stones and hacked at the cypress trees that are between the lodge and where we want to build the house. We need the light so the trees had to be decapitated :/ Also a huge pine tree needed to be taken down as it was leaning towards where we want to build. And they all needed to be cut up. So every day we now go on stand on our levelled piece of land and imagine a house there :)

This is what it currently looks like standing "inside" our house and looking towards the lodge...

The debris has now been moved but the trees still look like they have been attacked - which of course they have. I am told they will grow back and I am sure they will :)

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