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A day in the life of Petal....(when Tom is away):

I was up at 4.50 to let Esinter in at 5 and our guest left around 6, leaving 2 still in bed. Around 8, Bonwell came to see me to say that someone who had been cutting branches of the pine had fallen and broken his back and leg... he went to investigate. I got ready to take him to hospital.Turned out that yes he was injured but his back was not broken. I took Hodor (large and trusrworthy pick-up) and put a blanket in the back as he needed to be lying down. Got him into the truck and off to hospital. He is now there with his brother and money to get taxi back. I don't think that he was badly injured all things considered: maybe broke ribs and broken/bruised coccyx - that is incredibly painful though. Luckily for me, no bones poking out.... Got back around 10, organised taxi for my guests to go to town but failed to tell them where anything was so I had to do that remotely whilst i was out with hounds. Got back and was told that there was a school group from Mr Carr's outside (Nsanama School).Turns out that it was the Wildlife group and they want to start a nursery and plant some trees :)

And then I had lunch... who knows what delights await me this afternoon :)) 

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