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When your electronic items suicide themselves...

It is a thing, I am sure it is. How many of you have had an electronic item that all of a sudden stops working as it should do? Yup - I knew it! It happens more often than we think and it is intensely annoying. The bodies of our dead electronics feed the capitalist beast: grrrrrrrrr!!! And we ask for more: GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

So, in my case, I didn't initially suspect suicide, rather I thought that my lovely mother (whom I had lent my sports watch to), had somehow fiddled with it (fiddling with things runs in the family, the outcomes of the fiddling are often suspicious :/), and post fiddling, the watch no longer saved my run history, so I did some fiddling too, to no avail. I soon realised that this was not a user error - this was suicide. Garmin wants me to buy a new watch...

But I did not surrender: I updated the software and when that didn't work, I deleted all the data; when that didn't work I did a 'soft reset', and when that didn't work, I did a 'hard reset' and TADAHHHHHH: i have a functioning watch again.

Who knew that there was such a thing as a 'soft reset' and a 'hard reset'?? You did? Oh, it is just me then :/

The not surrendering and winning this particular electronic battle has made me feel quite smug: MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA :)

PS: Despite it's suicide attempt, I do really love this watch, especially since I discovered that I could connect it to programmes like Strava and actually see the maps of where I have been running/walking: Sadly, I had had the watch for 1.5 years before I was shown the light...

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