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Out for a quick recce

A week or so to go before the race day and I am in panic mode - Adrian (and sometimes Chris) kindly went running around the mountain at some ungodly hour in the morning, on multiple mornings, in order to figure out the routes for the 21, 10 and 5km runs... I did not :/

However, inconsiderately, Adrian was leaving to go on holiday and was not going to be there for the big day and I had to know where the routes were so I roped in Chris's help, kindly requested that some of the Tour Guides join us, and we set off an a forced 21km march.

It was pretty gruelling, even the tour guides were surprised at our speed - we did it in just over 4 hours having stopped at Emperor's View for a well deserved lunch, and including a lookie out at Songani Look-out - It was breathtakingly beautiful, and a shame that we couldn't get the runners to go ona brief detour to admire the view before continuing on their run :)

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