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Poo Watch!

Watch out Chris Packham, after Autumn Watch, we are bringing you Poo Watch!

Who did what?

If are a bit squeamish don't read on :/

In the last week we have found 4 big poos on the track towards our sunset spot. Clearly something keeps coming back which implies it is used to using communal latrines.

The only animals I know who do this are the genet and the civet whose poos are MUCH smaller than this.

The poo is black in colour and has some big almond shaped seeds in it. The pool smells like a dog poo - yup, I stuck a stick in it and smell the it (yummmmm!!)! It is also lacking in fur and has not turned white at all which eliminates hyenas I think.

Also, our dogs are not remotely interested in it. If it had been human poo: 

A/ I would hate to think we have a serial pooper 

B/ Saxon in particular is particularly keen on human poo snacking 

So... we have a mystery - and I do love a mystery :)) 

Any ideas anyone?

The mysterious poop

Guinea fowl poo

My guess is genet as I found multiple of these on the trail suggesting latrine habits, but open to suggestions.

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