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SATURDAY 8TH SEPTEMBER 2018 Keep this date in your diary and come to Zomba to join the fun!

As raising funds is not my forte, I thought that maybe a good way to do it would be to organise a running event - after all there are so many runners nowadays, why not take advantage of this?! And so I have, and it has kept me crazy busy for the past few weeks - I have turned into a mini (I am small) dictator and a constant pest for those poor friends of mine who unfortunately for them, volunteered their services!

As the name suggests, all the funds will be going towards our tree planting and conservation project Zomba TREEZ.

If you have got this far on our website and are not sure what all the fuss about trees is, I suggest you go back and look at the TREEZ pages on the website :)

For all information on the run, visit

In brief, there are 3 runs: a 5km, a 10km and a 21km for the more serious.

Each participant will need to pay an entrance fee (remember, all the money is going towards TREEZ).

Kind sponsors are donating a t-shirt, a chitenji bag, an mbaula (fuel efficient cook stove), a seedling (from us) and a raffle ticket - these goodies will go towards the first 150 people to sign up on the day and fill in their paperwork.

And there will be the most amazing raffle so make sure you buy some tickets :)

In pictures include some of our helpers and there are many more :)

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