Fires, fires, everywhere and not enough people know about them!

We have just been asked by a press agency why we are organizing the Run 4 Reforestation... And it reminded me of my post from a few days ago. The fires on the Plateau are heartbreaking enough. But there are fires everywhere - an unprecedented number in the Amazon, in the evergreen forests of the artic circle, and these are the ones that are hitting the news. But when I say they are hitting the news, the articles have nearly all been lower down in order of importance, you had to be scrolling througj th lower reaches of the news pages. Brexit is obviously up there at the top of the list, along with Trump and the US elections, other political stories, murders in Thailand, a Victorian shipwreck


For those of you who don't know what SNAFU means, it is an army acronym and you should look it up :) But it does capture the essence of Zomba Forest Lodge and the hecticness that lies within. All our energies have either been going into the Run 4 Reforstation and/or into fire fighting/prevention/co-ordination and some of it has been put into looking after our lovely guests. Luckily our guests are the easiest to manage and have not required us to go tearing around the mountain, although some (who shall not be named) have required that we go and find them as they followed Google Maps despite having been instructed not to - But hey ho, one has to remind oneself that Google is not right ALL the

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