Is there ever a good time to stop smoking?

On the 24th of June, I was super chuffed to have completed the Blantyre 3 peaks challenge: it involves a 48+km hike from the Sports Club, up and down Michiru mountain, over to Ndirande, up and down Ndirande mountain, over to Soche, up and down Soche mountain and back to the club. To be honest, it is pretty mental! It is done on the 24th of June as it is cool, or at least cooler than other times of year, but the days are also shorter, so one only has 12 hours or so to complete the challenge or risk returning in the dark. A small group of us finished it just as the sun was setting and I hadn't smoked a cigarette.... So I thought, why not stop?! So I did. And I was fine! And then we had to chan

A slightly more exciting run than usual...

This morning was a run day: 2 days before I had followed my mums’ advice and done some hill sprints to help me cope better with the uphill sections of my runs – I had never learned to love those uphills, in fact most of the time, I positively hate them, but considering where I live, it is not something that I can choose to ignore – so I decided to tackle them in an organised manner and am suffering a bit from it today :/ So I chose to do a shorter run this morning, something to get my legs shaken out, ease the muscles a tad. I ran the lower road, what we know as road number 1. I noticed when I got to it that there was some smoke further along so I ran 3km or so and found the source of the sm

Run 4 Reforestation: What a day!!!

It all started very early indeed - I had asked all my helpers to be up there by 6am. Registration was starting at 7am and we had to get it all looking as shipshape as possible. I had been up to the hotel the day before to make sure the seedlings were there, that the mbaulas had been delivered, to get the key for the room we had access to and to generally try to reassure myself that we were organised. And we were... ish. We were a bit nervous as we had no idea as to how many people were going to turn up. Over 140 had signed up online but we were aware that many Malawians would not have that facility and lots of non Malawians didn't think they needed to and were just going to turn up... BUT in

Fires, fires!!

3 days before the run, I was out with half a dozen of the tour guides to do the marking of the routes. We had started on a really narrow trail when we noticed behind us some smoke coming from one of the legal logging areas. Foolishly, we thought (I thought) that the guys working there would sort it out – I have worked in Malawi for 7 years and still I thought this… Anyway, by the time, we were in position to do anything, it had become much bigger – we contacted the Forestry Department and we rushed to the scene. All the tour guides have had training in fighting/controlling fires so I left them to run up to the fire and sat back and watched as the flames spread with the wind. It was incredibl

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