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TREEZ conservation groups receive their annual survival rate payments

Zomba Forest Lodge set up TREEZ (The Reforestation of the Environment and Ecosystem of Zomba), a small conservation organisation, 8 years ago.

TREEZ started by sponsoring the Happy Hammers football and netball teams to help fight fires and carry out fire prevention activities.

Now, 8 years on, TREEZ counts over 200 members, spread into more than 15 groups including sports teams, but also church choirs, a youth group and our very own hip hop band The Bright Dreamers.

Each group has an allocated area of responsibility for which they receive money for each tree within their area, no matter how big or small; they all count. Above are some of the groups photographed when their annual tree count money was given to them (It was a misty day 😅)

To date, in these areas, we have counted over 90,000 trees that have been protected. This past year, we have also started counting and paying for trees within the community as well, in order to encourage people to plant more trees. This brings the total to well over 110,000 🌱☘️🌿

In a country that suffers from a debilitating rate of deforestation, our work is more important than ever and we celebrate every tree that has made it through the year!

A big thank you to Jonas Beyard, our TREEZ right-hand man, for his hard work and his ongoing dedication to the cause, and to all the TREEZ conservation group members 👏

And a huge thank you to all of you who support TREEZ, directly and through the Run4reforestation 💚

Happy Earth Day everyone 💚


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