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Poo Watch: an update

Beware: this post contains pictures of poo!

I find droppings really interesting so I guess if this is not your thing, you might want to skip this post :)

A few months ago I posted some pictures of poo and I was told that the giant poos belonged to a civet. Sadly, I am not prone to believing experts, preferring to side with my view of things until proven otherwise. I really wanted the giant poos to belong to fruit loving leopard (unlikely I know) or to a giant jackal (also unlikely).

My beliefs were irrefutable shattered when I came across a mound of evidence: civets like to use communal toilet facilities called latrines or middens - I was told that they were also called civeteries but this apparently was a made-up word - a word that we have thought many of our guests over time... so the civets are tidy little creatures and it seems also that they may have gender specific latrines.

I found one latrine with giant poos and one with more dainty droppings and both within 100m of each other: is that not fascinating?

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