Tales of a Vale, part 3

.....Continued from the previous post. TREEZ: The Reforestation of the Ecosystem and Environment of Zomba, our conservation project. TREEZ hopes to make a decisive difference for the communities of Namitembo. To provide and plant a source of sustainable charcoal, to show how to build fuel efficient stoves, to plant woodlots and fruit orchards, and most importantly to begin the rehabilitation and protection of a Water Catchment Conservation Corridor along the gorge of the Namitembo river valley and protect the source of their life-giving water. This is something we have been doing successfully over the years now in the communities closer to our lodge. Please visit our website www.zombatreez.c

Tales of a Vale, part 2

....Continued from the previous post. The Namitembo Community rests at the very bottom of this gorge, where the escapement of the Zomba Plateau's western slope meets the lowlands of the Shire Valley, the ribbon of the Great Rift valley that cuts and winds its way south through Malawi. 70% of all the men in the Namitembo Communities have one and only one source of income: charcoal. The only source for their charcoal making is the very valley that provides the only source of all the water their very lives, and the lives of all their families and their whole community relies on. The poverty they are trapped within, the daily demands of survival, snares the community into an ever decreasing circ

Tales of a Vale, part 1

A tale of a Vale: Part 1 of 3 : This is a view of the Namitembo Valley, on the western outer slopes of Zomba Plateau. Posted especially for today, the International Day for Biological Diversity. This spectacular scenic spot is less than an hour's hike from our humble home, nestled in its woodland sanctuary within the folds of the shoulder of this majestic mountain. Of all the many stunning views we are lucky enough to have within walking distance, this has to be one of our absolute all-time favourites. One of the very few advantages of the current worldwide situation and the complete lack of tourists and travellers is that my wife, Petal, and I actually get to take out our dogs and hike toge

Tree stories are free stories...

Tree stories are free stories, tales told by every twist and turn of nature's magnificent growth. Every tree holds a narrative of the years within in roots, its rings, its trunk, and its branches; the history of the world wrapped and entrapped within a single awe inspiring organism. When we stand before the arboreal we stand before ourselves and all that has happened to bring us here, to where we now are. Tree stories are free stories, tales to tell us and show us how we could and should be: rooted in, and nurtured by, this beautiful blue and glorious great green Earth. Thank you @mindful_walks for your "favourite tree" post that inspired this one. These incredible specimens are my favourite


As some of you know, TREEZ is a work in progress. It evolves every year depending on what has worked or not. One of the things we were trying to improve on was the survival rate of the trees planted along the streams. Previously, each year we have planted and then topped up where necessary. We have paid for each job; ie: clearing, pitting, planting, maintaining etc but we wanted the groups to be more involved, to take ownership of these trees. So last year we decided that we would pay for each seedling that had survived by counting each tree and seedling a year later. And so we counted, and between the 2 groups, over 7,000 trees survived. A huge CONGRATULATIONS :)))

Sports for a purpose :)

A few years ago, we started sponsoring the Happy Hammers, a local football team, in exchange for assistance with firefighting and general help with environmental education and tree planting. We then added the Berries FC. And then we added each teams' respective netball teams. In case you are wondering: for every football team in Malawi, there is a netball team. Most of you who have visited Malawi, would know that the women do most of the work, in all areas of life; whether it be in the home, with the children, or in the fields. The women are responsible for making things happen. They are the movers and the shakers, but they are the unsung heroins. Everything they do is expected of them, that

Environmental Education Programme?

It was all going swimmingly. We got 8 schools on board, the teaching had started, the linked sports tournaments had started and it was showing great promise. The schools and pupils were very excited about it all... but sadly, due to the current situation, we have had to pause it all. But watch this space, it will be returning :) Above are some of the school classes participating :)

Tree nurseries...

A trip to one of our tree nurseries in these troubled times is both balm for the soul and a glimmering glimpse of the silver lining that always follows a storm. With our TREEZ conservation project ( we passionately believe that each small seed we plant is an investment in our collective future. Nurturing nature, as well as the empowerment of developing local communities together, with the fertilization of innovative ideas and inputs, can and will help protect and enhance a strong, healthy, vibrant and verdent ecosystem and environment on which we ALL depend. Conservation and Tourism in Africa are intrinsically linked. To help protect and conserve our part of this beautiful

Off-grid living gives good vibes....

Off-grid living gives good vibes, and a little light in the darkness unites all tribes. With a small solar lantern, and a bit of microfinancing to small scale African craftsman and market traders,@zombaforestlodgewe love to pump out a piece of pure beautiful brightness into the African night.

A gate way to a getaway...

A gateway to a getaway, and a great way to get away, from all the worries of the world. At Zomba Forest Lodge we take inactivity very actively, helping you do nothing is one of the things we do best. When the world is rightened, and travel restrictions untightened, let all your burdens be lightened by a trip to the haven we call home. The languid, restful, relaxed pulse of the Warm Heart of Africa awaits...

Not so much a secret garden

Not so much a secret garden; but rather a secreted garden, tucked away in our little Arcadian corner of paradisiacal Elysium on the south western Outer Slopes of Zomba Plateau Forest Reserve. All that's missing from our happiness cake are the guests we welcome as friends into our humble home. We look forward to seeing you all, both past and future.

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