A thought...

Looking up into the tree canopy I used to take this for granted Now I see this as a privilege

Who's a handsome pootch?!

So it is not often that i get a good picture of Loki, his brother is much more photogenic but this evening, just as I was taking pictures of him, some guests showed up and he put on his cute inquisitive face 😍

A thought...

Looking up into the tree canopy I used to take this for granted Now I see it as a privilege

Monkey business and how we never get tired of it!

Right now there are at least 6 wee ones who are extraordinarily cute :) Top right is a picture of Junior, who has a short tail, inherited from his mum Short Tail, bottom left. What more can I say?! Pure pleasure to watch.

George Watson's College, Edinburgh

Zomba TREEZ has been sponsoring the Happy Hammers football team, the Berries FC football team, the Hammers' Sisters and the Berries Sister's netball teams but the one thing that they have all been asking for, is a new kit. And George Watson's College delivered! A group of college students and teachers have been coming out to Malawi for a couple of years and we were lucky enough to meet them at the right time. They have been incredibly supportive of Zomba TREEZ with annual donations to the project, as well as the organisation of their own team of runners for the Run4Reforestation, and now a very kind donation of kits and balls for our teams here :) DAPP kindly donated sports shoes to the netb

We have also been experimenting...

At some point in the past ( I am not sure how far back it was), I visited a water conservation project in Machinga. The communities there have built stone bunds along the contours of the hillside to slow the water down. They have also dug trenches of different sizes along the contour lines in their fields to both slow water down and allow the water to be absorbed more slowly permitting the villagers to cultivate their land for longer. So we wanted to see if we could demonstrate how it was done here. We chose this field as it runs along a road which many people use. The farmer asked us for seed and in exchange, I asked him if he would be interested in having a demonstration plot, and he agree

And what have we been up to since the run?

Well we have been really busy with guests, so not much really.... BUT.... Tom has put up the lightning conductor: HOURAYYYYYYY! I can't tell you how relieved I am that it is in place :) We have had our 25 year concession renewed so we can finally make plans and start building a house: Now this should be shocking news for those of you who have known us a while. Ever since we met you we have been talking about building a small house (behind the current lodge), so we have been going on about this for years! Finally, the lease has been renewed. To be fair, it was renewed in July, but we were so wrapped up in Run stuff that we couldn't concentrate on anything else, and yes, the R4R was so consumi

Run 4 Reforestation 2019

It has taken over 9 weeks to recover from the R4R, I also didn't realise that it has been so long since I had updated the blog :/ Poor show on my part, and spectacularly disorganised! Maybe organisation was one element of my life that went into a dormant state once the R4R was over... Maybe it is just me :/ Anyway... depsite my fears, stress, tears of frustration and general "agggghhhhhhhh", the Run 4 Reforestation was AMAZING. Here is a snapshot of what it was like, curtesy of Old Mutual :) Somehow and despite major fears, nearly everything went to plan - well 95% went to plan, which is not to be sniffed at. The fact that for the second year running the competitors didn't get any t-shirts (

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