Poo Watch: an update

Beware: this post contains pictures of poo! I find droppings really interesting so I guess if this is not your thing, you might want to skip this post :) A few months ago I posted some pictures of poo and I was told that the giant poos belonged to a civet. Sadly, I am not prone to believing experts, preferring to side with my view of things until proven otherwise. I really wanted the giant poos to belong to fruit loving leopard (unlikely I know) or to a giant jackal (also unlikely). My beliefs were irrefutable shattered when I came across a mound of evidence: civets like to use communal toilet facilities called latrines or middens - I was told that they were also called civeteries but this a

We have a baby "Short Tail"!

You might be wondering what this is... and I wouldn't blame you! When we arrived at ZFL, over 6 years ago now, amongst the troupe of samango monkeys (aka blue monkeys, aka sykes monkeys) there was one female with a distinctly short tail: samango monkeys have VERY long tails but hers was probably only a third of what it should be. We could discern no scar tissue around it but we had no idea if she had been born this way or if she had had an encounter with something and lived. She became Short Tail and her troupe is known as Short Tail's troupe. She seems to be absolutely fine with her shorter tail and we actually think she might be the alpha female. She has had plenty of young and seems to lo

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