Zomba Forest Lodge

Listen to the Silence...

January 3, 2019

I thought that Tom and I would be get some rest/R&R before the festive holidays - I thought wrong!

No rest for the wicked but lots of lovely guests to make up for it.

The rains finally came - and then before we knew it we were already rueing our rain dances. It rained, and it rained, and it rained and we had fog, and mist and more rain. We thought the sun had moved to another continent, that the blue skies had been turned dirty and all we got was grey - different shades of grey.

We all got wet: the dogs, Tom, myself, all our various guests. It didn't help that we went looking for orchids in the marshes and it rained as soon as we got out of the car but we were nothing if not determined :) Shoes took turns to be dried under the Dover stove but somehow despite everything i have just said, we must have had some breaks as we did get some washing done and dried. I guess when I think about the 2 weeks leading up to Christmas Day I think of grey wetness.

And then on Christmas Day, things sta...

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