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October 31, 2018

And you want to bang your head against walls (yes: multiple) and you know that both the head banging and the annoyance is pointless - the computer is still going to say no. Wanting to shout at the person on the other end of the phone, who doesn't understand that you live in Malawi, doesn't even know that Malawi is a country (maybe she imagines it to be a town on the Big Island of Hawaii?!), is pointless. 

Wanting to explain that every time she puts me on hold because she can't answer my questions (because I live in Malawi and my questions seem so outlandish) it is costing me the equivalent of an hour of her salary, is pointless.

So despite it being so pointless, I still think I am allowed to have a wee rant:

I have some Premium Bonds - old fashioned I know. They will not lose (or gain) in value. They are also put in a draw and there is the slim possibility of winning millions - I have won £100 once and I have just won another £25: Hourayyyy!! And for someone living in Malawi, they ar...

October 26, 2018

The weather was pleasantly cool but sunny when I set off this morning and nothing too scary to put the dogs off. I thought I would do a shorter version of yesterday's run as I wanted to record the location of the "big rocks" so off we went with my watch now working: we went up the road to join road number 3, then left towards Bonwell's field and still further until the road peters out. The views are amazing as you walk/run along here as you walk west and are looking down into the Shire Valley. Once at the end of the road, there is a T junction, right goes up to the rocks and the mysterious beyond ( I have never followed it to the end) and left takes you back down in to the cultivated area, so we went right first and over to the rocks: it really is stunning - even considering the areas that have burnt, the contrasting colours of the red bracchesteggia leaves and the green of the new shoots makes it so worth it.

October 25, 2018

It is a thing, I am sure it is. How many of you have had an electronic item that all of a sudden stops working as it should do? Yup - I knew it! It happens more often than we think and it is intensely annoying. The bodies of our dead electronics feed the capitalist beast: grrrrrrrrr!!! And we ask for more: GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

So, in my case, I didn't initially suspect suicide, rather I thought that my lovely mother (whom I had lent my sports watch to), had somehow fiddled with it (fiddling with things runs in the family, the outcomes of the fiddling are often suspicious :/), and post fiddling, the watch no longer saved my run history, so I did some fiddling too, to no avail. I soon realised that this was not a user error - this was suicide. Garmin wants me to buy a new watch... 

But I did not surrender: I updated the software and when that didn't work, I deleted all the data; when that didn't work I did a 'soft reset', and when that didn't work, I did a 'hard reset' and TADAHHHHHH: i have a...

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