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September 18, 2018

 There is nothing a good meal can't cure :)

September 17, 2018

On the 24th of June, I was super chuffed to have completed the Blantyre 3 peaks challenge: it involves a 48+km hike from the Sports Club, up and down Michiru mountain, over to Ndirande, up and down Ndirande mountain, over to Soche, up and down Soche mountain and back to the club. To be honest, it is pretty mental! It is done on the 24th of June as it is cool, or at least cooler than other times of year, but the days are also shorter, so one only has 12 hours or so to complete the challenge or risk returning in the dark. A small group of us finished it just as the sun was setting and I hadn't smoked a cigarette.... So I thought, why not stop?! So I did.

And I was fine!

And then we had to change our accountancy system....

And I decided to organise a fundraising running event for in 2 months time having never done anything like that before...

And I was fine...ish.

And then the event took place, and I was more than fine - I was ecstatic!

And then the local hotel in front of which the event was h...

September 17, 2018

This morning was a run day: 2 days before I had followed my mums’ advice and done some hill sprints to help me cope better with the uphill sections of my runs – I had never learned to love those uphills, in fact most of the time, I positively hate them, but considering where I live, it is not something that I can choose to ignore – so I decided to tackle them in an organised manner and am suffering a bit from it today :/

So I chose to do a shorter run this morning, something to get my legs shaken out, ease the muscles a tad. I ran the lower road, what we know as road number 1. I noticed when I got to it that there was some smoke further along so I ran 3km or so and found the source of the smoke: grasses and stubble in a field were on fire and the flames were threatening not only someones’ grass stack but some young trees on the forest reserve side as well. I called the lodge and asked for 2 people to come fast-fast – I knew that Tom was out so they had no vehicle. I also asked someone t...

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