Zomba Forest Lodge

Listen to the Silence...




TREEZ stands for:
The Reforestation of the Environmental System of Zomba.


Deforestation is a major problem in Malawi and one that needs to be addressed NOW - or even better: yesterday!!

Without trees, there will be no firewood, no charcoal, but more importantly, no water - it is a crisis that will only get worse if nothing is done.

So we have decided to do something!


In essence, TREEZ  is Zomba Forest Lodge.  It is Jonas Beyard, who started off his own environmental organization called Nankhunda Transformation and is a leader of all things green in his community. It is also Martin Kalembo; a local curio seller, tour guide and manager of his own charity for the street kids of Zomba. Martin is local to Zomba and has always been keen to do something to help with the conservation of the Plateau and its resources.

But TREEZ  is far from just us, the project has been greatly helped by the local Forestry Department, our local councillor, the Zomba Tour Guide Association, Casa Rossa, as well as many lovely people from the local communities who have been doing the heavy duty work and without whom this project could never have got off the ground. 

"You are the Lorax, you speak for the Trees for the Trees have no  tongues"
Dr Seuss - The Lorax

3 years later and look