Zomba Forest Lodge

Listen to the Silence...


"I know it may seem small and insignificant, but it is not about what it is, it is about what it can become"

Dr Seuss - The Lorax


Our project is at its infant stages, as in it is only 4 years old, which in tree years, is not very long at all, but it is growing fast and we just can't keep up financially so basically:


We need your money!


I need to rewrite this page, now that we have more infomation about what our costs so please bear with us until I get things up.


Any Support would be hugely appreciated :)


To help you help TREEZ

For more information:

We are setting up a JustGiving page - please bear with us, it is coming soon :)

   Email us at:  zombaforestlodge@gmail.com

   Call us on:     +265 (0) 992 802 702

                         +265 (0) 997 593 325


    Please bear in mind:

Due to our lack of electricity and our need to be organised, we can only take advance bookings so please ensure that you give us at least 24 hours notice, thank  you.


If our phones don't work (you get the annoying lady), please SMS :)